Living in Japan’s Hokkaido prefecture, you have a chance to run into a variety of different animals.

It is a habitat for even some of the rarer species that you can only see in Hokkaido out of all Japan such as Ezo deer, Ezo red fox, and brown bears to name a few.

Because these wild animals sometimes come down to the residential area looking for food, people are often advised to watch out for possible encounters.

A surprise encounter in the city of Hokkaido…?

Japanese Twitter user Renren (@RENNTENNss) was recently visiting Tomakomai city in Hokkaido.

One night when Renren was out at night in the restaurant district of the city, he had a surprise encounter with an odd “group”. Take a look at his video.

It was a herd of Ezo deer that somehow got lost into the city just wandering around.

It isn’t rare for Ezo deer to show up in residential areas, but you don’t often see them as a herd like this in the city.

The way they are just wandering around in the restaurant district almost makes them look like a group of bar hoppers looking for a second bar to get to.

Many people were surprised with this rare video, and left many likes and comments.

“This was a bigger herd than I expected… I’ve never seen one as big as this.”

“It looks like a New Year’s party group with an unreliable organizer!”

“So cute! But I think it would be a little scary if this happened in person.”

Ezo deer are one of the wildlife species unique to Hokkaido. However, it has become a concern that the recent increase in their numbers is causing more road accidents and damages to surrounding crops.

It isn’t only limited to Ezo deer, but wild animals are generally very cautious and scared of humans. They could become hostile towards humans in order to protect themselves.

Ezo deer may look adorable, but it’s probably wise to keep your distance if you see them in the city as this Twitter user did, and not approach them or try to scare them off. It is best to stay calm, and leave the site quietly!

By - Mugi.