Chika (@chikagetover) is an artist, and likes to use drawing figures as reference for her illustrations, such as the ones below.

Image used for illustrative purposes

One day, she noticed that one of her lay figures was missing.

As Chika was wondering; “where is my lay figure?” she found it in the place she least expected and was greeted by quite the surprise.

This is how she found it.

Source: @chikagetover

“Right when I was wondering where my drawing figure may be… and my husband strikes with his prank.

“Oh no, it’s too bright!”--don’t give me that!

Chika found it in the household rice cooker!

The drawing figure is positioned as if it’s saying “Oh no, it’s too bright!” in response to the opened lid.

In fact, this was Chika’s husband pulling a prank on her.

Chika apparently found this hysterical, and says it brought her to her knees with laughter.

Many others found the prank creative and funny and left comments:

I laughed out loud. Who would come up with such a prank?

This is artistic in its own way./

The positioning of the lay figure is just on point…! I’d laugh, too, if I found something like this.

By - Mugi.