Japanese TikTok user pote.koyu lives with her 4 beloved cats, and often posts about her daily adventures with them on social media.

Unagi is one of the four cats. Apparently, he used to hate the idea of being put in a bath, and would cry out loud in the beginning, but…

p>pote.koyu shared the video with the comment:

He was clinging onto me and would not let go, so I just soaked him in the sink anyways, but then once his feet touched the sink bottom, he relaxed and started drinking the water from the tap.

In the video, you can see Unagi holding onto the owner’s arm for his dear life, but then, gradually start to get used to the warm water, and even drinking water from the tap.

You can tell he’s totally relaxed towards the end in the video.

According to the owner, Unagi started to stand in the water on his own. Once he got used to the nice warm water, he was able to relax and enjoy the bath.

It’s so funny how his eyes changed from desperately terrified at first, and then started to relax.

You can tell he completely trusts his owner, and his stern facial expression is so adorable!

He went totally silent like he wasn’t crying at all. What a good boy!

Unagi had a nice bath with shampoo, and got all cleaned up. Hopefully, he’s now used to the bath from this one, and can enjoy it without a fight next time!

The owner also posted the whole video on YouTube as well. Please check it out if you want to see more of cute Unagi and his first bath!

By - Mugi.