Japanese Twitter user @soramoon22 has several cats at home., and one of them is Chiru, a 5 month-old kitten, who recently gained 280k likes in a blink of an eye when his photo was posted on Twitter.

The way he holds his toy deserves 100 pts.

Take a look at the photo that got Chiru such high marks!

Source: @soramoon22

The angle of the fish and the shape of his snout is perfectly matched, even enough for Chiru to be a “cat carrying a fish” model. The fish Chiru is carrying is a rather large toy meant for older and bigger cats. The photo shows that Chiru is an expert at getting a hold of it however, and marching quite proudly with his safely secured fish.

It looks like from the comments that many people thought of the classic long-running Japanese anime, Sazae-san, as it resembled the lyrics from the anime’s opening theme.

"His snout looks just so cute, I love it!"

"A tabby cat is a perfect model for a fish-carrying cat."

"This must be the legendary scene from Sazae-san."

"You’d better run quickly, otherwise Sazae-san will come getcha!"

Chiru demonstrated a perfect picture of a “cat carrying a fish” that looks like a panel straight out of a manga! It is also very sweet that Chiru seems quite proud of himself, too!

By - Mugi.