While dogs are known to usually be obedient when it comes to being called by their owners, cats are a different story. Some cats listen to their humans, while others just don’t. So if you have a cat that comes running as soon as you call it, it’s definitely something to show off about.

Well that’s what one Japanese pet owner thought when she decided to film a video for her Twitter. Since her cat Fujimaru usually heeds her call straight away, she started recording as she asked him to come over to her.

But Fujimaru must have sensed something was going on, and he decided to act up. Check out the video for yourself to see this mischievous feline’s reaction.

First, he miaows back a few times cheekily. Then he acts like he’s going to go to his owner, and suddenly collapses into a weird stretch pose. Instead of finishing the journey, he simply lounges around in his strange position, as if to say, ‘why don’t you come here instead?’

This video has been viewed on Twitter 2 million times, and has gained over 159 thousand likes. Many cat lovers must relate to this pet owner’s situation when it comes to unpredictable kitties.

If you want to see more of this fickle little guy, check out his owner’s Twitter which has plenty of photo and video updates.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.