Japanese variety brand Felissimo are known for their charming, cute and eccentric creations. In particular their ‘You+More!’ range is home to some very unique items. The name is a play on the Japanese pronunciation of the word ‘humour’, so all the products have a playful charm about them.

This latest lineup is a tribute to one of Japan’s most famous sports, sumo. There’s four items which will bring a sumo-inspired twist to your everyday activities.

The first offering is a pouch based on a sumo ring, or ‘dohyo’. Apart from being a practical storage item for stationery or tissue boxes, this pouch has been cleverly designed so that you can recreate your own sumo bout.

The pouch has plenty of details such as rope to give the look of a sumo ring, and the two zips each have a sumo wrestler attached. Thanks to this, you can get them to compete and push each other out of the ring.

The second item’s meaning will be obvious to any avid sumo fan. It’s a sumo wrestler shaped salt shaker. The charm doesn’t just lie in its cute design, but its loving reference to the purification ceremony that takes place at a sumo match.

The wrestlers throw salt into the ring before competing, and the salt shaker is designed so that the salt comes out of the wrestler’s hand. This way you can carry out your own little tribute ceremony before eating.

Sumo fans can even recreate the work that wrestlers put into gaining mass in just a few seconds, thanks to these glasses with sumo wrestler illustrations.

When you pour water in the glass, it distorts the image, and the wrestlers grow bigger and stronger before your very eyes!

Lastly, there’s some tins of tea that are not only prettily designed, but also contain another tribute to the Japanese sport. Each tea’s flavour is inspired by a different sumo tournament, taking into account the mood and condition of the competitors at each location. The blue tin is a sakura tea for the New Year tournament held at Tokyo. The light green is a chamomile tea based on the Osaka tournament in March. The red one pays homage to the summer Tokyo tournament with a rose tea.

The light blue represents the Nagoya tournament in July with a lemon tea. The autumn tournament that takes place in Tokyo is a peppermint tea held in a dark green tin. Then, the yellow tin is inspired by the Kyushu tournament of November with a benifuki tea.

The whole collection can be found in the You+More! section of Felissimo’s online store.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.