Japanese Twitter user and robotics enthusiast Kohiro (@Savant013) is putting both his school and work experience to good use. Kohiro currently works for an automobile manufacturer, and while in university, was part of a Micromouse Club, where members developed autonomous robot mice to navigate complex mazes in Micromouse competitions.

Kohiro recently showed a video of a test run of a micromouse he'd been working on, in preparation for the All Japan Micromouse Competition. The video shows the micromouse clearing a complex maze in mere seconds, after having navigated its twists and turns in failing attempts and committing those slip-ups to memory:

Including it's way back in a round trip, the micromouse is able to weave through the maze in less than thirty seconds. The competition evaluates not only the time to reach the goal, but also the process and the autonomy of the robot, Kohiro looks to be in good shape given how quickly micromouse zigs and zags at all the right moments.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.