Shogakukan Shueisha Co. Ltd. has announced it will sell limited-edition premium scotch whisky bottles with labels inspired by the classic 1970s anime series Yatterman, the second in the Time Bokan series produced by Tatsunoko Productions. Lottery applications begin on February 22nd, 2022 at 12:00 noon on their special whisky website, Whisky Mew.

While the heroes Gan and Ai surely have their fans, so does the Doronbow gang, the villainous trio of Doronjo, Boyacky and Tonzura.

Whisky critic Hideo Yamaoka has carefully selected two whiskeys featuring Doronjo and the Doronbow gang for this Yatterman collaboration.

The bottle featuring Doronjo, on a label with a mysterious mood, is "Tormore 1988." The Tormore distillery, which was built in Speyside after World War II, is famous for its elegant and beautiful buildings, and Yamaoka describes this aromatic, easy-to-drink whisky matured for 31 years, as "having a gentle and sexy side."

The other bottle featuring the Doronbow gang, on a label expressing the comical mood the villains are known for, is "Secret Highland 2000." As the name indicates, the distillery cannot be revealed, but it is known for its robust peaty, coastal aromas and flavors. Yamaoka describes this one as "a memorable malt that shows the characteristics of North Highland distilleries."

Yatterman label whisky details

Doronjo / Tormore 1988
Price: 45,100 JPY including tax
Total number of bottles: 202
Volume: 700 ml
Maturation period: 31 years
Alcohol content: 44.2%
Origin: Scotland, UK

Doronbow / Secret Highland 2000
Price: 24,200 JPY including tax
Total number of bottles: 268
Volume: 700 ml
Maturation period: 20 years
Alcohol content: 53.1%
Origin: Scotland, UK

Lottery and sales

Lottery applications begin on February 22nd 12:00 JST and continue through February 24th 23:59 JST. 113 bottles of Tormore 1988 and 179 bottles of Secret Highland 2000 will be available.

To participate, visit the Yatterman label whisky product page here at Whisky Mew.

Additional information

  • Only one bottle per person per lottery application.
  • Purchases must be made by the intended buyer. Buying on behalf of a cohabitant is not allowed.
  • No returns
  • Please do not purchase with the intent to resell. Whisky Mew wants to offer excellent products to as many people as possible at reasonable prices. They don't guarantee the quality and safety of products purchased second-hand through auctions, etc.
  • In Japan, the legal drinking age is 20.

Please note that Whisky Mew only delivers to addresses within Japan. With the exception of the US and Canada, you can have your purchase sent to an international address through a proxy shopping service like White Rabbit Express / Blackship.

About whisky critic Hideo Yamaoka

Whisky critic, writer, and translator 山岡秀雄 Hideo Yamaoka was selected as one of the top 16 whisky collectors in the world by "Collecting Scotch Whisky". He has also won eight times at international tasting competitions.

He is the author of many books on whisky, both original and in translation, and supervises the Whisky Mew website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.