With the first apricot and plum blossoms starting to bloom it is obvious that spring is fast approaching; and whilst that means we will soon be saying goodbye to the chill of winter, it also marks the end of the beautiful illumination season.
If you want to squeeze one more illumination event in, then you’re in luck as the Huis Ten Bosch winter light up event is still dazzling away over in Nagasaki.

Famed for being the largest illumination event in the world, it is no surprise that the Huis Ten Bosch winter light up has won first place in the “Illumination Awards” for nine consecutive years. As such, it is an event that should not be missed if the chance arises, so if you’re still clinging on to the last tethers of winter magic, consider heading over to the theme park before the 25th of February this year.

So what can you expect to see at Huis Ten Bosch “City of Silver – Romantic Europe”?

Taking inspiration from the romance of European cityscapes, this event pairs gourmet food and live performances with the world’s largest illumination featuring 13 million light bulbs.

Each evening will start with a “Silver World” lighting ceremony, where all the lights in the park’s Amsterdam Square switch on to the accompaniment of romantic songs performed live by professional singers.

Additional highlights include the “Silver Promenade” illumination which is inspired by snowflakes, and the “Flower Passage” which is wrapped in an overwhelming collection of white flowers.

Silver World Lighting Ceremony

When: Each Evening
Where: Huis Ten Bosch Amsterdam Square

As the first notes of romantic music ring out, the lights switch on and in the blink of the eye transform the park into a magical world of silver.
Incorporating projection mapping for the first time, this year’s light up ceremonies will be more moving than ever before.

Silver Promenade Romantic European Walk

Where: Huis Ten Bosch Palace

Inspired by the magic of snowflakes, this illumination transforms the approach to the Huis Ten Bosch Palace into a romantic promenade that can be enjoyed each evening during the event.

Eternal Arch

Where: Huis Ten Bosch Palace

The iconic arch located just outside of Huis Ten Bosch Palace has been given a dramatic make-over with this dazzling collection of delicate white lights. With bright lights shining all the way along the passage, there is not a single section that won’t make for a brilliant backdrop to any photo.

Flower Passage – Winter Edition

Where: Amsterdam City Passage

Dressed in hundreds of elegant white flowers, the Amsterdam City Flower Passage matches the City of Silver event with strikingly beautiful flower art. By simply walking down the passage, the stresses of everyday life can be washed away by the healing power of flowers.

As for food, the park does not fail to impress with it’s selection of Winter European inspired gourmet food and drink.

Consider filling up on a bowl of hearty Beef stew and Dutch cheese at restaurant Lord Leeuw, or, if you want to go for something with a little more elegance, how about checking out the Silver Afternoon Tea Set from Anchors Lounge.

For sweet treats and a warm drink make sure to check out Forest Fantasia Cafe’s Forest Snow Melting Strawberry Tart, and Cafe Pinocchio's Glittering Silver Cappuccino.

For those looking to commemorate the event, there is a special winter-only workshop where participants can create an original snow globe, as well as a number of “City of Silver” limited edition goods available to pick up in the park.

Huis Ten Bosch’s winter illumination City of Silver – Romantic Europe will be continuing to light up the theme park’s streets until the 25th of February 2022.

Venue: Huis Ten Bosch Japan, Nagasaki
Dates: ~ 25 February 2022 *Park admission fees start at 7,000 yen per adult and 4,600 yen for children, but for further details on pricing, annual passes and discounts check out the official website ticket page.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.