Kotarō, a Munchkin kitten in Japan, is very curious about everything he sees. However, far from putting his life in danger, as the old saying goes, this kitty's curiosity is helping him get a lot of attention on social media!

Dishwashing with Kotarō

Look at what he did when his owner at Twitter account Kotarou 虎太朗 (@kotarou20210605) was washing dishes:

"I was washing dishes but right next to me...What are you doing? lol"

Is he imitating his owner? Or does he want some water? The mystery of Kotarō's behavior deepens.

Kotarō's paw movements are cute, but the meaning of his actions is unclear, and it's understandable that his owner would be baffled.

In any case, Kotarō's behavior captured the hearts of many people online, eliciting comments such as:

  • "Maybe he's trying to lend a paw."
  • "I can't stop thinking about whether he wants food, water, or attention...."
  • "Maybe he's mimicking the owner. He's so cute!"

Kotarō is sure to grow up into a handsome cat. It may not be long before he can stand next to his owner and really be helpful. Whether that means actually lending a paw or just "cheering" with adorable moves remains to be seen...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.