Those who keep birds as pets know well that our feathered friends can carry quite an attitude with them, which makes them all the more fascinating. Japanese TikTok user Mihoko-s , who lives with their colorful budgerigar parakeet Taro, recently got an adorable but cheeky dose of that attitude recently when they decided to make a personal playground for the bird.

Mihoko-s had prepared a ramp made of cardboard boxes to give her finger skateboard a miniature skatepark. When she let Taro give a whirl on the board, she was surprised by how naturally he took to it--and how he seemed to be trying to show her up!

Many were delighted by not only how adeptly Taro was able to figure out the skateboard and glide down the cardboard ramp, but also by how he punctuates it all with a quick glance to the camera as if to say "how do you like that?"

According to Mihoko-s, the parakeet flashes the expression every time he successfully pulls off anything with the skateboard--so she may have to build a more elaborate skatepark to avoid being shown up.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.