"Bread illustration artist" Ran (@konel_bread) doesn't just bake delicious looking loaves. The talented baker is always putting a creative twist, turning her children's doodles into artistic bread or baking adorably buff bear bodybuilder bread.

A lot of her work involves "illustration bread" that transforms with each cut, revealing hidden goodies like this awesome My Neighbor Totoro piece.

Konel's latest bread art has upped the creative level in a rather charming way. Her newest creation turning heads on Twitter is a take on chigiri-pan ("pull apart bread"), a type of popular bread in Japan that has easily removed smaller bits that you can tear off from a larger rectangular loaf.

The talented bread artist's version of chigiri-pan takes advantage of that tear-off action, by baking individual vegetable pieces into a plot of "soil" bread that allows you to harvest bite-sized bread!

Konel has baked miniature buns to form a field, as well as smaller vegetable bits of bread inserted into holes (including carrots, cabbage, and Japan's popular sexy daikon raddish) that can be pulled out and eaten on their own, as well as cut in half!

Source: @konel_bread

With pull-apart bread baked so cleverly and made so fun to eat, it seems impossible to not finish the whole batch in one go.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.