For many people, graduating from school is one of the most memorable events in one's life.

It's a time to say goodbye to the friends you've spent time with and to meet new people who will help you get a job or go on to higher education.

Some Japanese schools, mainly elementary and middle schools, will take their students on a graduation field trip to various places.

ジャンクBy受験生 Junk By Jukensei (@junk_zyannku), a junior high school student in Japan, is about to graduate in March 2022.

The school he attends handed him a survey asking whether or not he wishes to participate in the graduation field trip. But there was something strange in the way the survey was written.

Reproduced with permission from ジャンクBy受験生 Junk By Jukensei (@junk_zyannku)

Survey text: "Please circle the option you choose:"
* "I will 'participate' in the graduation field trip."
* "I won't 'not participate' in the graduation field trip."

Junk By Jukensei: "Here's our school's graduation trip survey which forces students to participate no matter which option they choose."

Whichever answer you circle, you're going to that field trip!

Obviously, the option for students who were not interested should have been "I will 'not participate'" in the graduation field trip."

The teacher who typed it up probably didn't notice the mistake and just gave it to the students.

As Junk By Jukensei says, the survey forces everyone to participate!

This funny episode got noticed on Twitter, and elicited many reactions, such as:

  • "Come on, teacher, check your work! I laughed at this."
  • "It's a sophisticated trap that stops people from refusing..."
  • "I cracked up at the meaninglessness of the question. Is silence the right answer?"

No matter what the students answered, this survey will surely become a fun memento of their middle school days, something to stick in their album to look back on and laugh!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.