In recent years, the Pokémon company has been collaborating with prefectures all over Japan to stimulate tourism in a project that has yielded well over 100 region exclusive Pokémon manhole covers installed throughout the country. In some cases, certain prefectures have been assigned a specific Pokémon mascot or ambassador based off of shared qualities between the area and the Pokémon itself--as seen with Miyazaki prefecture's Exeggutor plane.

In the case of Kagawa prefecture, that Pokémon is Slowpoke. Contrary to its Pokémon ambassador, Kagawa is not particularly known to be lazy. Instead, the partnership is based on the prefecture's local delicacy--sanuki udon noodles--and thus known as the udon prefecture. In Japanese Slowpoke's name is Yadon, and that's all the connection needed for Kagawa to be filled with Slowpoke mailboxes and delivery trucks, airport shuttles, and of course, a merchandise lineup featuring Slowpoke curry udon.

This month the lazy Pokémon is going all out in its efforts to boost tourism in the area, as Slowpoke will be taking over hotel and hot spring rooms as well as a ferry and airport limousine buses in Kagawa!

1 room each at the Takamatsu Tokyu REI Hotel, Kotohira Onsen Kotosankaku Hot Springs, Marugame Plaza Hotel and 2 rooms at the Shodoshima International Hotel will be completely redecorated in a Slowpoke motif and filled with Pokémon goodies as well.

Here's a look at the layout of each room, with includes Slowpoke and Pokéball plushies and decor, as well as free gifts and snacks.

Takamatsu Tokyu REI Hotel

Kotohira Onsen Kotosankaku Hot Springs

Marugame Plaza Hotel

Shodoshima International Hotel

Each room also comes with a complimentary Slowpoke hand towel to take home.

The Slowpoke takeover isn't just limited to lodging, however, as Shodoshima Island ferry (selected Takamatsu-Tonosho Port routes) and airport limousine buses in the prefecture are also being completely remodeled after the Pokémon.

Shodoshima Island Ferry

Select Takamatsu Airport Limousine Bus operated by Kotoden Bus Co., Marugame-Airport Limousine Bus operated by Kotosan Bus Co., and Takamatsu Airport Shuttle Bus operated by Kinkuu Bus Co. will feature Slowpoke designs.

The new bus and ferry operation began on February 5th, and hotel room reservations are currently available at participating hotels.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.