Japanese Twitter user Kaorububu (@kaorububu501) was just making a routine pit stop at a convenience store, but ended up being the source of quite the scene.

Kaorububu recently took to Twitter to share the episode, in which he stopped at a convenience store while driving to use the restroom. When he emerged from the restroom, he noticed customers in the convenience store making quite a commotion and pointing outside at something in the parking lot.

After taking a look outside the window, Kaorububu realized that the reason for the clamor was that he had simply parked his car in the lot--and probably forgotten just how much it sticks out:

Source: @kaorububu501

"I stopped by the convenience store and when I came out of the restroom people inside the store were making a big scene about my car outside. This makes it pretty awkward to go back to my car..."

It turns out the customers in the store were fascinated by Kaorububu's own car in the parking lot. The standout vehicle is one of several microcars owned by Kaorububu, in this case the Italian-made Casalini Sulky. A rare sight in Japan, many were taken aback by its small size and toy-like appearance, with many comparing it to a papercraft car.

Source: @kaorububu501

This isn't the first time Kaorububu's microcars have caused a stir. Just last year, he was stopped by policemen not to cite him for breaking any rules, but simply because they admired how cute his car was in a story that warmed the hearts of many on the internet.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.