Train stations in Japan often feature so many posters that most commuters pass by without batting an eye, but Yaki Kombu (@Wwmajidesorena) recently came across one at Michi no Eki Awaji Station, located in Awaji City, Hyogo prefecture that's caught the attention and praise of many Twitter.

Yaki Kombu couldn't help but share an unusual poster the station had put up in response to what apparently has been a growing problem--toilet paper theft--and the sarcasm is laid on quite thick.

Source: @Wwmajidesorena


Our station's toilet paper is SO popular people steal it!

Rave reviews have led us to put our toilet paper on sale.

We apologize for the inconvenience to our customers that want to use it at home, but please bring it to the souvenir store register.

1 roll, 50 yen.

"At the very least, I can tell that they're pretty pissed off."

Train stations in Japan often have souvenir shops selling local delicacies and goods, so it isn't rare to see a poster advertising them. The station staff in Awaji have apparently had enough of people stealing toilet paper rolls from their restrooms, however, and have decided to use the form of a passive aggressive advertisement to express that by asking would-be thieves to bring their stolen roll to the gift shop register and pay.

Many on Twitter, particularly those who work in jobs where toilet paper theft is a problem, praised both the sense of humor of the poster and staff calling attention to the issue in replies to the post:

"I can really feel the anger coming through the poster. It feels like they're getting angry with a smile."

"This is why I'm reluctant to leave out extra toilet paper rolls at my job."

"This is a good idea, maybe posting a fee like that can be a deterrent."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.