We've seen some creative erasers in Japan recently, including some that slowly turn into Mt. Fuji with every mistake you make and others shaped like rice balls that wear down to reveal their delicious filling.

So leave it Bushiroad's Tama-Kyu capsule toy brand, which includes quirky vending machine toys such as figures of public drunks and water-spraying Japanese toilets, to add another creative twist to stationery sets.

The latest addition to Tama-Kyu's capsule toy menu are erasers that simulate grating ginger and wasabi on a board--and even come with a "sexy" variety.

The new erasers are shaped like ginger and wasabi, so that as you undo your mistakes on paper it looks as if you are grating them into fresh ingredients to use in a meal. The lineup of five includes "sexy" versions of ginger and beni shoga (red ginger usually served pickled). The "sexy" name is a reference to produce that grows in a way that resembles someone suggestively posing their legs--as seen with Japan's viral sexy daikon radishes.


Beni shoga ginger

Ginger (sexy)

Beni shoga ginger (sexy)


The ginger and wasabi (and sexy ginger) erasers are available from capsule toy vending machines throughout Japan for 200 yen each.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.