Japanese fast food chain Lotteria likes to do things big, going as far as to release a stacked "With Everything Burger." So it shouldn't come as a surprise that their newest menu item doubles down on the meat.

On February 15th, Lotteria will be releasing Hot Wild Chicken Sandwich that ditches buns and replaces them with two slabs of spicy fried chicken.

The new item sandwiches bacon and cheese between two pieces of spicy chicken made using a batter of Cajun spices. The crispy fried chicken is said to be tender as the sandwich uses rice-fed chicken. To add another layer of heat, the sandwich also uses Sriracha.

The Hot Wild Chicken Sandwich is being advertised as a "high protein" sandwich, containing 31 grams of protein.

Those who prefer buns can have their fill with Lotteria's Hot Cheese Chicken Fillet Burger, which tops melted Hokkaido cheese (a blend of four types of cheese from Hokkaido: Camembert, white cheddar, mascarpone and cream cheese) on a fried chicken filet along with Sriracha, mayo, lettuce, and onion.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.