Harenatsu (@_harenatsu) is a talented Japanese artist who resides in Hokkaido, often making large scale watercolor paintings of gorgeous scenery. She even has a gallery where customers can enjoy tea and coffee while enjoying her smaller artwork.

However Harenatsu has her hands full at the moment with a promise she made that may be the artistic version of biting off more than you can chew. Back on April 8th, 2020, Harenatsu Tweeted out an illustration of frog, the first in her series of “small animals that play in the lines of my notebook.” She then made a bold offer: to draw one animal for every single Retweet the Tweet received.

Source: @_harenatsu

Harenatsu's illustration and offer went viral, being retweeted a total of 22,000 times. With such a daunting number, it would be totally understandable if the artist decided to back down from the promise or perhaps set a limit. Instead, she has spent time since the Tweet carrying out the project diligently, and now, two years later, she has finally managed to draw about 2,800 animals.

And they look pretty awesome!

Source: @_harenatsu

Source: @_harenatsu

Source: @_harenatsu

"Because of a Twitter project about two years ago, I've become a woman who has to draw 22,000 animals. My current record is 2,802 animals."

With roughly 19,000 more animals to draw, Harenatsu may need over a decade to keep things going. However, many on Twitter were impressed and touched by her dedication to the project, particularly as she seems to not be lightly doodling the animals but putting a lot of effort into drawing them in beautiful detail, and expressed that in the replies:

"I'm impressed that you're still doing it. Every single illustration has not been skimped on at all. It's fun to follow!"

"It's amazing that you can keep drawing without giving up or giving up. I really respect you."

"I really admire you. I hope you'll publish it as a book someday."

Harenatsu added that "I don't know when I will be able to finish this project, because I will continue at my own pace," so this may take quite a while. Still, she seems dedicated to reaching her goal, saying "I'm sure I'll continue to draw this series for the rest of my life, as it's my favorite series and has been well received by everyone. I'm sure I'll achieve 22,000 of them."

You can follow the project hopefully to its successful end by checking out Harenatsu on Twitter.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.