Begonias are popular for their vivid colors such as red, pink and white, as well as their beautiful appearance. These flowering plants are grown in many places throughout the world, mainly for ornamental purposes.

Photography enthusiast and university student はぎ Hagi (@hagi880) took a photo of begonias which went viral, garnering over 203,000 likes at the time of writing.

Once you see the photo for yourself, you'll understand why:

Reproduced with permission from はぎ Hagi (@hagi880)

"There's a dreamlike flower garden in Mie Prefecture"

Feast your eyes on this gorgeous landscape covered with begonias and various other flowers.

The flowers reflected on the surface of the water and the floating petals add to the dreamlike charm of the scene. It feels as if you've stepped into a painting.

Some of the comments this stunning photo elicited were:

  • "I can't believe this is a scene from real life... This is now the place I want to visit the most."
  • "I froze for a few seconds because it was so beautiful."
  • "I think I'd feel like a princess if I went there."

The place where the photo was taken is the "Begonia Garden" in the botanical garden なばなの里 "Nabana no Sato" in Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture.

The garden is in a greenhouse where beautiful flowers can be enjoyed all year round.

If you want to see a dreamy flower garden like the one in Hagi's photo, why not stop by the next time you're in Mie Prefecture?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.