Whether from sheer boredom, artistic desire, or simply being inspired to add a moustache to a drawing of a famous historic figure, just about everyone has found themselves doodling on a school assignment at some point in their life.

For talented Japanese illustrator Yurumochi (@sigurey_), those doodles can look as if they're actually more involved than the homework at hand. Recently Yurumochi encountered a morning English assignment they were doing as part of their self-studies, but was so frustrated by the difficulty of the work that they felt compelled to express their frustration in the form of a sketch.

Yurumochi's detailed sketch was so impressive, it made waves on Twitter and you can really feel their frustration radiating off of it. They shared it with the captioned dialogue:


Source: @sigurey_

"A doodle I made during my morning self-studies."

Yurumochi's doodle has received more than 50,000 likes (at the time of writing), with many people sympathizing with their frustration and being surprised by the level of skill in a simple sketch in the replies:

"It's not just a doodle! It's too good!"

"I think it shows more skill to doodle this than it it does to read English."

"I laughed. I'm not good at English, so I sympathize!"

Yurumochi may not be fully understanding the assignment, but maybe a sketch of this quality could get some well earned extra credit.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.