Japan's national bird is the green pheasant, but internet fandom might have you convinced its the long-tailed tit. The long-tailed tit, or shima enaga in Japanese, is sometimes called "the cutest bird in Japan" and often compared to Pokemon. Usually dusted in snow and found perched on tree branches in Hokkaido, the bird's adorable appearance warrants the comparison.

For fans of the white bird on Twitter, following @daily_simaenaga is a must. The account posts daily images of the long-tailed tit, but has also started up a delicious and adorable project of recreating the bird as food art. Just recently, they cleverly crafted rice balls, sushi, and curry that combines the long-tailed tit was delinquent yanki found in manga.

@daily_simaenaga has once again turned the long-tailed tit into a traditional Japanese meal of grated daikon radish on top of thick omelet slices!

@daily_simaenaga packed the daikon oroshi (grated daikon radish) perfectly like a snowball to capture the fluffy and round nature of the long-tailed tit, and filled out details like the legs, tail, and facial features with strips of nori seaweed. The branch they're perched upon is made out of atsuyaki tamago, a particularly thick and fluffy Japanese omelet. All in all, it's a meal that may be too cute to eat!

And of course, the chopstick rest is also a mini version of the bird.

For more long-tailed tit goodness, be sure to follow @daily_simaenaga on Twitter.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.