Sanrio characters are known worldwide for their cuteness, and one thing that always meshes well with adorable characters is desserts.

A Japanese pudding specialist store that understands this fact is Pastel. They’ve collaborated with the famous character creators several times, to offer up some delicious and charming treats. This year, Cinnamoroll will be celebrating his 20th anniversary since debuting as a Sanrio character. To mark this special occasion, Pastel have come up with a veritable extravaganza of sweets starring none other than Cinamoroll himself.

As the store specialises in puddings, naturally this lineup includes a few of them to choose from. In Japan, a pudding refers to a specific type of cold custard dessert, often with a caramel sauce.

The ‘Cinnamoroll Mini Pudding’ is a nod to this classic style, with a whipped cream topping and a Cinamoroll design made with cocoa powder. The top two illustrations shown in the image will be available from now until 10th March, while the bottom two will come out from 11th to 31st March.

The next option really leans into the pastel theme, and brings a bit more colour to the proceedings. The ‘Cinnamoroll Fluffy in the Sky Pudding’ is inspired by the sky, which is apparently the character’s birthplace. A creamy milk pudding is topped with a light blue cream and sprinkled with colourful marshmallows.

The pudding creations don’t stop there, as there’s also a Cinnamoroll version of the ‘pudding a la mode’, another classic dessert in Japan. This consists of a sponge cake and whipped cream topped with a mini custard pudding, decorated with strawberries and strawberry cream.

But if you’re not into custard puddings, there’s also some beautifully decorated cakes to choose from. This includes a berry roll cake.

Or to make it an anniversary to remember, there’s an extravagant, two-tier celebration cake. It’s so special that you have to order it at least a week in advance.

Customers who order off the Cinnamoroll menu can even get an adorable paper bag, with an original illustration made just for this collaboration, to take their items home in.

This event is ongoing until 31st March 2022. Check out Pastel Pudding’s website for a list of branches around Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.