If you’re a snack enthusiast, then there’s plenty of advantages to living in Japan. For one, there’s the sheer range of seasonal treats, brought out in time for various occasions and holidays. They then disappear again, sometimes never to return.

Even traditionally western celebrations like Valentine’s Day are greeted with a range of limited-time-only products. Mister Donut, a Japanese doughnut chain, has released a luxurious lineup for the most romantic day of the year, and it’s a collaboration with a Belgian patisserie brand called Wittamer.

The main stars of the collection are various heart-shaped doughnuts. It’s a pretty classic motif for Valentine’s, but each one is made more unique with various flavourings and decorations. In honour of Wittamer's participation, the dough used is inspired by Belgian waffles.

The ‘Rouge Heart’ has two types of ganache sandwiched between the two hearts. The bright red coating is decorated with some delicate white chocolate dots and some petal-like raspberry chocolate flakes.

The ‘Noir Heart’ is coated with chocolate and sprinkled with macadamia nuts and almonds, the doughnut itself contains ganache whip and cookie pieces.

Then the ‘Blanche Heart’ has a pretty pink and white colour scheme thanks to a white chocolate coating and raspberry flavoured chocolate flakes. Inside the doughnut hides some ganache whip and blueberry jam.

Mister Donut and Wittamer have also created some less romantic doughnuts (as in not heart-shaped), which can be picked up in a set alongside the Valentine's Day collection.

These lovable treats can be found in branches of Mister Donut all over Japan until the end of February 2022.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.