Bird-lover 5羽暮しの飼い主 gowa-gurashi no kainushi, which literally means "Owner living with five birds" (@toritorisuki4), posted a video on Twitter recently which has gone viral, garnering over 101,000 likes at the time of writing.

In the video, you can see the trusting relationship between bird and human.

"Here's the sleeping posture of a bird who completely trusts its human 100%"

Slumbering in the video is Itsuki, a green-cheeked parakeet who joined the family at the beginning of 2022.

It's hard to believe that Itsuki has only been with his owner for a little over a month, but you can tell that he trusts his human so much!

You can't help but smile when you see Itsuki sleeping peacefully with his belly exposed and his body resting against his owner's hand.

Reproduced with permission from 5羽暮しの飼い主 gowa-gurashi no kainushi (@toritorisuki4)

The heartwarming video elicited comments such ass: "I want to watch this video on loop forever" and "It's almost too adorable to bear..."

According to his human, Itsuki is a good sleeper. Let's hope he grows up healthy and happy in his new home!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.