Although enjoyed as a traditional New Year treat, mochi rice cakes are eaten all year round in Japan in a variety of different ways. Depending on the season, mochi can be enjoyed as dumplings with red bean, in zoni soup, or served with a salted cherry blossom leaf to celebrate the sakura season.

But as versatile as the glutinous rice cakes can be when it comes to enjoying sweets, they aren't typically thought of as a great pairing for greasy meat--well, until now, perhaps!

To much amusement and bewildered intrigue, Twitter user Nagutanaguhito (@_hayaton) shared a photo of a thick slab of bacon sandwiched between two mochi cakes saying "I think I'll make a bacon mochi sandwich."

However, once he finished baking the bacon mochi sandwich, he was treated to an incredibly puffy treat that surprised many on Twitter by looking so mouthwateringly delicious it garnered comparisons to the food beautifully illustrated in Studio Ghibli films:

Source: @_hayaton

"When I made a bacon mochi sandwich and baked it, it turned out beyond my expectations."

Many were pleasantly surprised by the unconventional mochi bacon hybrid, particularly how high the mochi rose when baked, and expressed their delight in the replies:

"It looks like a scene from a Ghibli film. It's a work of art."

"It looks like a pompadour. How is it possible for the mochi to expand so beautifully?"

"It looks like something that would appear quietly in the deep sea. It feels like something out of a video game world."

Perhaps the next time you're buying bacon, you may want to pick up some mochi as well!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.