Leathercraft is the art of using leather to make goods and other small items.

In recent years, leather craft supplies have become available at thrift shops in Japan, and in other countries as well.

Two of the best things about leather is that it's durable and it weathers with age, adding to its appeal the longer you use it.

Take a peek into the world of leathercraft

まるっと製作所 Marutto Factory is a YouTube channel posting fun videos showing you how to make your own DIY leathercraft projects on the cheap.

For example, take a look at this cute onigiri rice ball clasp purse you can make once you learn a few of the basic techniques covered on the channel:

They added the word "うめ" ume meaning pickled plum, a common rice ball filling, as a cute accent on the charm, but you can write your initials or something else if you want to! People who see the wallet will surely say, "Where did you get this?"

In this video, you learn how to stamp text messages with a tool designed for cookies which you can buy at Daiso:

After firmly pinching the leather with a clamp, you can see the letters clearly on the leather.

Another important technique you'll need is sewing with a needle and thread.

You can find thread and needles for leathercraft at thrift shops too.

The way of threading and sewing is a little different from regular sewing, so be careful if this is your first time to try leathercraft.

If you want to start learning on your own, you can refer to the videos and begin making leathercraft items!

You can create a variety of items based on your own ideas.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.