Diorama Restaurant in Osaka stands out enough on its own. Those looking for a little extra fun with their meal can take in the high quality and detailed miniatures that decorate the restaurant, dioramas crafted by train and railway hobbyist Naoki Teraoka.

In the past year or so, however, there's an even more enticing reason to stop by--the legion of cats that roam around the dioramas like monster feline kaiju!

The reason for this, as The Mainichi reports, is thanks to a family of stray cats. Diorama Restaurant was actually close to closing due to business loss caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, but after Teraoka took in a stray kitten, the cat's family followed.

As Teraoka began sharing photos of the growing number of strays he takes care of (the restaurant's second floor is now a shelter for them) on the restaurant's Instagram account, business revived with many traveling to meet the cats and admire them as they adorably rampaged about and took naps on the model railways.

Recently Diorama Restaurant (@officia86839977) a video that shows how the life of a miniature train conductor in the restaurant can be quite hectic. The staff attached a camera to the top of a model train running its normal route through a tunnel and well...it turns out something was waiting at the end!

According to the restaurant staff, because the cats freely lounge and roam around the model displays, they frequently damage or even destroy railways and sets. This allows customers to enjoy constantly changing and new scenery when they visit!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.