Candy that looks like jewels has become a trend in Japan recently with DIY kits being sold for Valentine’s Day and pop-up shops that specialise in kohakuto, a traditional Japanese gem-like sweet.

But for something that looks extra realistic, the mantle has been taken up by the National Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo. They’re hosting a special gem exhibition, and to celebrate the occasion they’ve collaborated with Harapeco Lab to create some stunningly realistic candy to go on sale.

They’ve come up with two sets of four sweets, and each piece replicates a real life jewel with various flavours.

Set A contains an amethyst (blueberry, champagne and black sesame flavour), topaz (caramel, black sesame and champagne), trapiche emerald (pear and champagne), and spinel (blackcurrant).

Set B includes benitoite (mint, black sesame and champagne), red beryl (raspberry, black sesame and champagne), spinel (peach coconut), and Herkimer diamond (champagne and black sesame).

The boxes these edible jewels come in are just as fancy as the contents. Each sparkly set costs 3024 yen.

The exhibition will be running until 19th June 2022 at the National Museum of Nature and Science located in Ueno, Tokyo.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.