McDonald's Japan Co., Ltd. has announced it will bring back its collaboration with McFlurry® and KitKat® (sold by Nestlé Japan K.K.) this year, adding a new strawberry-flavored version to the standard version. Both desserts will be available at McDonald's Japan stores nationwide for a limited time starting Thursday, February 24, 2022.

Kit Kat McFlurry was first introduced in 2007 and has been well received since its revival in 2020.

Kit Kat McFlurry

McFlurry Kit Kat is a cool treat that mixes smooth soft-serve ice cream with finely crushed Kit Kats and a special sauce made with couverture chocolate. The crunchy wafer texture and chocolate blended with ice cream create a satisfying taste experience.

Strawberry Kit Kat McFlurry


The new Strawberry Kit Kat McFlurry mixes soft-serve ice cream with crushed Kit Kats and strawberry chocolate. The strawberry chocolate chunks have a strawberry aroma and a slightly sweet and sour taste. Mixed in with ice cream, it creates a completely new Kit Kat McFlurry experience perfect for the arrival of spring.

New ad campaign with Moe Kamikokuryo

A new commercial features Moe Kamikokuryo from the Hello! Project idol group Angerme for the third year in a row. This time, the 22-year-old Kamikokuryo plays a high school girl who summons up the courage to talk to her crush, while the classic hit 春一番 Haru Ichiban (Spring's First Breeze) by Candies plays in the background, creating a spring-like atmosphere.

A video featuring Kamikokuryo singing Haru Ichiban can also be viewed:

In addition, from tomorrow, February 18th, a Twitter campaign will begin in which participants have a chance to win a Mac Card. Check their Twitter account for details.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.