"Is this even possible?"

This is how Twitter user and VRChat enthusiast ナンさん Nan-san (@nann_VRC) captioned their picture on Twitter, referring to a miraculous occurrence that happened as they were having ramune candy.

As they were eating ramune by pouring them out of the plastic bottle container, suddenly the bottle got clogged, and they were shocked to see this:

Reproduce with permission from ナンさん Nan-san (@nann_VRC)

"I can't get them out. Is this even possible?"

A ramune bottle can get clogged like this?

Surprisingly, however, it turns out to be not such an incredibly rare occurrence, with at least one Twitter user commenting: "It happened to me before, too."

The images on the clogged ramune bottle went viral, garnering nearly 238,000 likes and 26,800 retweets at the time of writing, and eliciting comments such as:

  • "I imagine they're saying: 'Hahaha, no way you can get to us now!'"
  • "This is something that doesn't happen very often, so it might be a sign of good luck."
  • "If you slam it on the desk, it will fall apart!"
  • "It seems a shame to not be able to eat them when there are still six left."

With the perfectly geometrical way that the six ramune lozenges are stuck, forming a hexagon in the bottle, you might be tempted to keep the bottle as it is and display it...Until the day you're really hungry for ramune and can't resist anymore.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.