For their small size, hamsters can pack a ton of personality, charming us with the simplest of things such as sitting in the perfect adorable position or reacting to being caught stealing food.

Japanese Twitter user @MochiOkoku, who lives with their two hamsters Daifuku and Yukimi, is reminded of that on a daily basis. However, they recently were treated to something that they had never seen before when when one of their hamsters was giving its wheel a spin as usual, but in a particularly unusual way...

As you can see, the hamster is spinning in the wheel while standing on its hind legs with their gaze locked on @MochiOkoku! @MochiOkoku says that over the years, they've lived with five hamsters and never seen one do that while spinning in the wheel--it almost looks as if there is a miniature human operating a hamster suit while doing it.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.