As a mainstay of Show Era cafes, old fashioned cream sodas, often available in a number of flavors with colored syrup, have a bit of a nostalgic image in Japan. Cream soda craftsman (Twitter, YouTube) looks at them as a bit more than a sweet beverage trip down memory lane, however.

Tsunekawa has amassed quite a following for his tasty cream soda recipes and concoctions he beautifully crafts and sometimes blends in with surrounding scenery.

Take a look at some of his past outstanding cream soda creations:

In particular, tsunekawa takes inspiration in his cream soda craft from the distinct colors of the seasons, skylines, and natural scenery associated with them. Here's a short video of tsunekawa crafting a cream soda with the motif of a snow-covered town.

On his YouTube channel, tsunekawa's longer videos provide an almost ASMR-like aura as you can hear the fizz of the drink and crackle of the ice. In the below video, he soothingly mixes up a sunset sea and sky inspired cream soda that looks like a beautiful magic potion.

As well as exploring the deep green of Yamanashi prefecture's lush forests.

And this refreshing blue cream soda float inspired by a summer sky looks like the perfect thirst quencher for the season.

Those looking to keep up with tsunekawa's beautiful cream soda pours would do well to follow on YouTube, as well as check out his photo and recipe book on Amazon.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.