If you’re a big foodie, you’ll know just how much being hungry can affect your mood. Many of us do a complete 180, from utterly bad tempered pre-meal, to an absolute saint after eating.

But one hilarious photo set of a cat that went viral on Japanese Twitter, proves that this feeling isn’t just limited to humans. Pets seem to get ‘hangry’ too.

The owner of Mona-chan the cat managed to snap this couple of perfectly timed photos, that show off her incredibly expressive face.

In the first photo, labelled as ‘before food’, she is enveloped in a very sullen aura, and her sitting position behind her empty bowls speaks volumes.

But the ‘after food’ photo seems to show a completely different cat. She looks bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, with an inviting grin. The biggest giveaway that it’s our Mona-chan is her fashionable, shiny bow.

This food-related change in mood is obviously very relatable, as the original Twitter post picked up over 17 thousand likes.

If you want to see more of the adorable adventures of Mona-chan, check out her owner’s Twitter page which has plenty of cute photos for cat lovers to enjoy!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.