Have you ever wondered where your furry friend has got to, and ended up searching the whole place, only to realise they were hiding in plain sight the whole time? It's a pretty common occurrence for pet owners.

One Japanese cat owner’s experience of this was so funny, that they felt the need to take a photo of the scene and post it on Twitter for everyone to try out for themselves. They live at home with five different pets, and this picture stars one of their cats called Mozuku-chan.

So take a look! Can you find Mozuku-chan?

Source: @00shitemita

Other people who took on the challenge made comments such as:

‘I found her in a second! She really stands out!’

‘I couldn’t find her at first, but I got it. Found you!’

‘Ah! Is she that thing? She looks like an objet d’art.’

So did she stand out to you? Or did you miss her a few times?

She’s sitting on top of the fridge which is a pretty conspicuous spot, but it’s probably her bright blue cone that initially confused people. For some, the colour might make her stand out more, while others might not realise right away that it’s a cat.

Source: @00shitemita

Sharing these find-the-pet challenges are a great way to spread a bit of fun, and others have made more difficult ones, such as this one featuring a hamster.

If you want to see more of Mozuko-chan’s fun daily life, check out her owner’s Twitter!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.