Some people are so committed to the aesthetic that they even match their snacks to the style. If you’re a fan of the kawaii, pastel look, with some anime inspiration thrown in, Japanese store Plaza have come up with the perfect candy to complete your style.

They’ve called it ‘Emotional Candy’, as the concept is a music player, and each flavour expresses the emotions that could be associated with certain song lyrics. In this way, they hope to touch not just the consumer’s eyes and tastebuds, but their heart too.

Each individual packaging has a music player-inspired design, complete with anime-style album cover and a song name which reveals the theme of the flavour.

The blue one represents the flavour of ‘youth that flies by invigoratingly’ and the candy itself is a bright blue and yellow.

The pink one is based on ‘feelings of love that change painfully’, and the colour scheme is a romantic but melancholy pink and blue.

The purple box contains candy which is a flavour described as ‘the dream of an unforgettable night’, and the candy is a mysterious blue and purple marbled colour.

These gorgeously designed boxes of candy are available in branches Plaza and MiniPla in Japan, and can also be copped on Plaza’s online store.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.