Mt. Fuji reigns as an UNESCO World Heritage site and perhaps the greatest symbol of natural wonder in Japan, so it's no surprise it's a fantastic source for gorgeous photography. With stunning views from multiple angles, you can always find a surprising shot that presents the iconic mountain in a new light depending on the time of day.

Japanese photographer Maru (@marupi11y) highlighted just how magical the mountain can look when photographed at just the right time with a photo that has many on Twitter comparing the scenery to the end of days. Maru captured a sunset photo of Mt. Fuji with what looks like dark and fiery Phoenix swirling above the mountain!

Source: @marupi11y

"The sky above Mt. Fuji is going crazy and it really looks like the end of the world."

Maru's photo captures dark clouds forming in a sunset sky above Mt. Fuji, in the shape of what looks like the legendary Phoenix in an ominous shot. As gorgeous a shot as it is, many in the replies likened the scene to an Apocalyptic event or the end of times.

While we can happily say no such doomsday scenario occurred, the photo is yet another reminder that there are no shortage of majestic views of Mt. Fuji! For more awesome photography in Japan, be sure to follow Maru on Twitter.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.