Japanese aquarium photographer Tsukasa Shiromi 銀鏡つかさ (@tsukarium) amazes his fans with stunning photos of sea creatures captured at aquariums as well as other animals throughout Japan.

"I visit aquariums all over Japan with a camera in hand. (...) If you like aquariums, please follow me!"

Our readers may recall his surprising photo which we introduced last year revealing the very rare sight of a common clione (otherwise known as sea angel) with its buccal cones extended in mid-feeding.

Now, another image by Shiromi has been grabbing attention on social media.

Taken at the Shimane AQUAS Aquarium in Japan's Shimane Prefecture, the image is from one of the aquarium's star attractions, their beluga whale performance. In this perfectly captured moment, the diver stands in the middle of three belugas who have just completed their "happiness bubble ring":

Reproduced with permission from Tsukasa Shiromi 銀鏡つかさ (@tsukarium)

"The overwhelmingly strong impression this diver gives as he stands surrounded by beluga whales makes him look like a Pokémon champion."

In case you're wondering what a "happiness bubble ring" is made, about a week earlier, Shiromi had posted images showing the beluga whales performing the move achieved by blowing bubbles from their airhole while spinning around in place:

Here is a version of the photo which we cropped to show the whales and the diver in more detail:

Reproduced with permission from Tsukasa Shiromi 銀鏡つかさ (@tsukarium)

The composition, lighting, and color contrasts revealed by Shiromi's masterful photography turn the performance into something truly epic.

"Personally, I'm reminded of Lance when he had three Dragonites," jokes Shiromi in a follow-up Tweet.

It's no surprise that the stunning photo has already garnered close to 294,000 likes and 48,000 retweets at the time of writing, eliciting comments such as:

  • "The belugas protecting him look like they're ready to fight (the bubble ring)"
  • "What gym is this? lol"
  • "I really see a League Champion here..."
  • "I can hear the Pokémon music playing in the background"
  • "They look like Water/Psychic-type to me..."
  • "I agree. A trainer with all three of the same Pokémon. Gotta be Lance."

If you'd like to enjoy more of Shiromi Tsukasa's amazing photography, follow him on Twitter or check out his blog here.

In addition to seven beluga whales who will delight you with their performances (they can also do other bubble tricks and play catch etc.), Shimane AQUAS Aquarium has sharks, flying fish and more for a total of 10,000 fish and animals spanning around 400 varieties. They also provide multi-lingual audio. You'll have a great time if you enjoy aquariums, so please be sure to visit if you're in the area! Check out their website for more information.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.