Mystery anime Odd Taxi was released last year, and it became a big hit thanks to the cast of eccentric animal characters and intriguing storyline.

Starting from next month, these characters will be starring in a collaboration cafe menu in association with Animate Cafe. The Odd Taxi collaboration menu will include one item on the food menu, one on the dessert menu, and several beverages representing different recognisable faces from the anime.

The savoury snack is some karaage chicken, themed around Mystery Kiss, the idol group from the anime. It even has a flag on the pick featuring one of the members. The flag you get is random though, adding a fun surprise to the order.

The dessert is the Daimon Brothers’ ‘Doki Doki Chocolate Choux Parfait’. One of the two brothers will appear (also at random) on top as a monaka (a Japanese wafer sweet).

There’s also a series of beverages, inspired by the dark city streets that Odokawa drives around, called ‘Neon of the Night Soda’. There’s different flavours and colours, all themed around a certain character or group of characters. For example, Odokawa’s drink is a lemon soda with violet jelly and blue syrup, while Mystery Kiss’ is a pink lemon drink with raspberry and strawberry syrup.

The characters appear as monaka which comes with the drink.

There’s also plenty of exclusive goods to be had, including original illustrations created just for this collaboration.

This menu will be appearing only at the Animate Cafe Stand in Hareza Ikebukuro, from 2nd to 28th March 2022. The full menu can be checked out on the Animate Cafe website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.