Ironmouse is the most subbed streamer on Twitch now!

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If you’re a VTuber fan, you might have already witnessed the legendary moment when Ironmouse (Twitch & YouTube), the demon queen from VShojo, hit 1 million followers on Twitch on Day 11 of her “subathon” (subscription + marathon)!

Ironmouse started her subathon from February 4th, 7 pm (EST). Her subathon rule was that every subscription, 500 Twitch bits, or $5 donation would add 15 seconds to her stream time. The number of her followers is increasing every day, and now she is the most subbed female streamer on Twitch as of February 15th, 2022.

You might be surprised to learn that Mochina Amatsuka (YouTube), the VTuber I produce, teaches a weekly pair lesson for Ironmouse and Nyatasha Nyanners. So, it was an honor to be invited to Day 10 of her subathon as a certified Japanese teacher to do the lesson on her stream.

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Nyanners (Twitch) is another popular VShojo talent with lovely cat ears and a high-pitched voice. Nyanners is a good friend of Ironmouse.

Her YouTube channel has 1.4 million subscribers, and she uploads a variety of content there. Her song covers and clips from her singing stream are especially amazing!

Today I’ll report on the exciting Japanese class I had with Ironmouse and Nyanners!

Lesson Report Part 1: Useful phrases to support and praise VTubers

Twitch: "DAY 10 OF UNCAPPED SUBATHON! CLASS THEN GAMES THEN WE WATCH !subathon" (Ironmouse, February 14th, 2022) | With permission from VShojo

First, we started with very basic greetings like “Hajimemashite” はじめまして (Nice to meet you). Then, we moved on to several phrases which would be suitable for her subathon and some easy useful phrases praising someone.

For example, we studied how to say “Suogoine!” すごいね! (It’s amazing, isn’t it?) in a casual way and a formal way. Mochina asked Nyanners to read the phrase aloud for Ironmouse, and Nyanners repeated the sentence perfectly. Look at Ironmouse’s happy face!

Also we studied “Chō kawaii” 超かわいい (Super cute) and “Atama ii” 頭いい (You’re smart) as simple but really convenient words when you want to praise VTubers.

Lesson Report Part 2: Five nouns using the hiragana あ a

Twitch: "DAY 10 OF UNCAPPED SUBATHON! CLASS THEN GAMES THEN WE WATCH !subathon" (Ironmouse, February 14th, 2022) | With permission from VShojo

Next, we studied five nouns using the first hiragana あ a. This was a review for the two adorable students, so it was done in a pop quiz style.

The first three were really basic words and the last two were important words for VTubers: sponsored streaming and Animal Crossing. We also practiced pronunciations for all the five words so they could say the words they had memorized. They did great job in both sections!

Lesson Report Part 3: Let’s talk about Akihabara & Otaku stuff

Twitch: "DAY 10 OF UNCAPPED SUBATHON! CLASS THEN GAMES THEN WE WATCH !subathon" (Ironmouse, February 14th, 2022) | With permission from VShojo

After that, we moved to more otaku Japanese! During this part, we studied how to ask “Have you been to Akihabara?” and how to respond to questions in Japanese. Using the grammar presented, we tried make some sentences with nouns related to Akihabara such as maid cafés, game arcades, and more.

As pair work, Ironmouse and Nyanners asked each other questions and it was really really cute!

Twitch: "DAY 10 OF UNCAPPED SUBATHON! CLASS THEN GAMES THEN WE WATCH !subathon" (Ironmouse, February 14th, 2022) | With permission from VShojo

We learned even an interesting otaku slang, daipan 台パン, which refers to punching an arcade cabinet or desk when playing video games. Ironmouse, Nyanners, and the viewers burst into laughter when we were talking about this hilarious Japanese word.

Ironmouse’s subathon is filled with a lot of love!

Twitch: "DAY 10 OF UNCAPPED SUBATHON! CLASS THEN GAMES THEN WE WATCH !subathon" (Ironmouse, February 14th, 2022) | With permission from VShojo

Through this class, I felt three important things.

First is the bond between Ironmouse and her fans. Although I knew that she was already really popular and had tons of fans before this, participating directly in her subathon, I was able to feel that even more strongly. Ironmouse is trying to take on this big challenge as a streamer to entertain her fans. Streaming for long hours every day is really tough, and the fans understand it. So, they support her in various ways. When Mochina was teaching the phrase “I’m rooting for you” (Ouenshiteruyo 応援してるよ), the chat was filled with Ouenshiteruyo from her viewers to show their support.

The second one is the friendship between Ironmouse and Nyanners. Even before this lesson, I know they are really good friends. They played Monster Hunter Rise, went to VR Disney, and do so many things together! However, their teamwork when learning Japanese is also really amazing.

The last one is their love for Japanese culture. They are big stars, so their schedule is extremely tight. Even so, they take the time to study Japanese because they love the culture that much.

Thank you for inviting me to such a heartwarming time. Mouse-chan, Nyanners-chan, and everyone in VShojo, ouenshiteruyo!

About the company & other talents of VShojo

Finally, let me introduce the company and their other Vshojo talents. VShojo, the talent-first VTuber company was founded by Justin “theGunrun” Ignacio, a part of the Twitch Founding Team and the Forbes 30 Under 30, and Phillip “Mowtendoo” Fortunat, who is known for eclectic and eccentric YouTube videos.

In addition to Ironmouse and Nyatasha Nyanners, there are other attractive and unique talents at VShojo!

Projekt Melody

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Projekt Melody is a really beautiful, sexy and very cheerful VTuber. Her streams on Twitch are super fun, of course, but don’t miss her “YouTube Exclusives” videos on her YouTube channel!

For example, one of her projects was called “VTuber Rents a Human for a REAL Date in Tokyo”. This was reported on by grape Japan in this article. She also uploads more fun videos such as the “400,000 Subscriber ASK ME ANYTHING!!! ~ Discord AMA Pt 1“!


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Silvervale is an ōkami sakura spirit with beautiful sakura pink and sky blue colored long hair. She released her original song “Windchimes” in January, and she sang it all in Japanese! Check the official music video to listen to her beautiful wind chime-like voice! The music and video really fit her great voice.


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Veibae is a lovely tsundere succubus with cute red horns. She joined VShojo in 2021. According to the press release, she has already built her career as streamer and friendship with other VShojo members before she joined. She has many fans in Japan, and her videos on her YouTube channel has Japanese subtitles.

Froot (Apricot)

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Froot is a bittersweet Lich. She appeared on BBC world news with Veibae and the CEO, the Gunrun, to discuss VTubing! Check here for the full interview. Also, she introduced herself in Japanese in this video. Check it out!


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Zentreya is a half human/half red dragon and rockstar. On her YouTube channel, you can enjoy her drum skills. Check out the videos in her Music Vid Drum Covers play list!


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Himehajime is a well-endowed Alien/Dragon/Robot hybrid from some far away planet. Actually, her name comes from Japanese. What does it mean? Please check her bio on their official website, you can guess the meaning! Do you want to know more about her? Then check her origin story!

By - Mochijapa (Ayano Irizuki).