Those who follow New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) know that the mischievous wrestler doesn't appear to have a soft side for much of anything, but a random act of kindness by his neighbor might be an exception.

Taichi (@taichi0319) took to Twitter to share photos of what he could only assume was a random gift from his next door neighbor, an elderly woman who talks to him often. He was taken aback when he read the note attached, and found out that he was celebrating the birthday of the kind woman's cat.

"Today is Cocoa-chan's birthday. Please celebrate it with us. The days are still cold. Please stay in good health.

If you would like, please celebrate Hinamatsuri (Girl's Day, an event in Japan to celebrate and wish for the healthy growth of young girls) too (Cocoa is looking forward to it)."

Source: @taichi0319

"That old lady that lives next door to me. Today she brought this to me as a's apparently her cat Cocoa's birthday, and she shared some of her food with me. No way, even though today Cocoa is the star of the show, for her to give me, who has nothing to do with the situation, food with a name plate on it...

Well, I guess I'll take it."

Along with a piece of cake meant to celebrate Cocoa's birthday, Taichi also received some sekihan, a glutinous rice steamed with adzuki red beans and is traditionally eaten in celebration of Girl's Day in Japan.

The woman must have been celebrating her cat's birthday, and kindly thought to buy cake to give to Taichi as well. Many in the replies were touched by the act, as well as what might seem like an unlikely but genuinely great relationship between the two.

"What great neighbors."

"I can tell how much trust the grandmother has for Taichi."

"It's full of love for Cocoa and Taichi."

"What a lovely neighborhood."

"I'm sure he ate it in celebration of Cocoa."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.