For their human caretakers, it's usually a rewarding experience when pets show their appreciation and joy when given food or treats.

Case in point. Here's a video posted on Twitter showing a Pomapoo (Pomeranian and toy poodle mixed breed) called ぺんた Penta (@penta_pomepu).

You can see Penta as he gets ready to dig into some chow.

His human has given Penta a little pre-meal routine: "Give paw" first and a "more food please" paw motion if he's still hungry.

"Here's a dog who's so happy to eat that he does his 'giving paw' and 'asking for more' routine like an assembly line worker."

"So excite. Do 'paw' and 'refill' much speed."

You can imagine what Penta was thinking...

From the moment his owner's hand was held out, Penta's eyes were fixed on the food.

He was so happy and excited that his routine was rushed and he was clearly just 'going through the motions' as quickly as possible so he could begin eating.

The video elicited reactions such as:

  • "I can't get enough of the 'OK, OK, just do the routine' mood here."
  • "In the beginning of the video, Penta's eyes lit up! I'm sure he's just so happy."
  • "It's like he's trying to do a 'give paw" and 'ask for more' but doesn't go through with it! I laughed so hard!

By the way, in a follow-up comment, Penta's human said, "The important thing is that he showed a willingness to do it, so I let it pass."

Seeing how happy and excited Penta was, it's no wonder he was so "lenient" in his judgment!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.