A video posted on Twitter on February 20th, 2022, by the account at ちい むう ととろ Chi Mu Totoro (@muchi21067312), is getting noticed.

The three names in the account are those of three furry friends living in this Japanese home: Two Corgis called Chi and Mu, and a cat by the name of Totoro (because she's the same color as Catbus in My Neighbor Totoro, perhaps?)

Just like many healthy dogs are inclined to do, Chi and Mu sometimes engage in playful fighting, which their human jokingly describes as コギプロ kogipuro, short for "Corgi Professional Wrestling."

Whenever a match begins, Totoro the cat always reacts in a way that makes her human laugh.

Please take a look at Totoro's behavior!

"It cracks me up to see her dash to her VIP seat every time kogipuro begins"

As soon as she sensed that the fight had started, you can almost imagine her saying "Ooh! Fight! Fight! Wait for me," as she dashes to her comfortable seat on the sofa where she enjoys a perfect view of the action.

You can see her tail twitching as she excitedly makes her way to her VIP seat.

Totoro-chan's unexpected behavior elicited a variety of comments, such as:

  • "She's watching them from a safe vantage point. No, maybe she's the referee!"
  • "It's the best seat in the house where you can relax and feel the action!"
  • "I wonder if she's saying: 'Yeah, go get him!' cheering for her favorite Corgi."
  • "I can't help but laugh when she sneaks past the 'wrestlers.' How cute!"

Chi and Mu must be happy to have such an enthusiastic fan as Totoro-chan watching, so they may even be putting on a show for her!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.