While often looked at as a simple dish, potato salad can be a household specialty with different recipe twists and takes, sometimes making it a surprisingly complicated dish. Potato salad is also a foodie fan favorite side dish in Japan, commonly served in many bento, convenience store sandwiches, set meals, and of course, at the dinner table.

So for Japanese wife and Twitter user Manami (@KiraMilky), it came as a big surprise that she would discover a life-changing way to prepare and eat potato salad over a meal with her husband's parent's. Not only that, thousands on Twitter found themselves enamored with the new style of potato salad as well:

"My husband's family's potato salad is so innovative. Preparing it like this, you don't have to bother cutting the ham into bits, and it's an easy way to it it as well, but does anybody else also eat it like this? This is the first time I've seen it."

Source: @KiraMilky

As Manami says, this simple but clever cooking lifehack makes potato salad easier to prepare, as ham doesn't need to be diced up and is simply sandwiched around the other ingredients in a taco-like presentation. It's easier to eat (particularly if you're eating other Japanese food at the same meal with chopsticks), and could make for miniature sandwiches eaten in packed lunches by hand.

Manami wasn't the only one to have her vision of potato life changed, as the Tweet has amassed over 300,000 likes that received excited replies such as "I've never seen potato salad like this!" and "I'll definitely make my next potato salad like this."

Such as a restaurant in Tokyo that serves potato salad inside ham katsu (deep-fried ham cutlet)...

As well another Twitter user who serves it the same but sandwiches it between roast beef!

In response to Manami's question, other replied that it was similar to their own household serving style, and that their mothers packed potato salads in their lunch like that when they were kids.

Of course, with so many surprised and impressed by the style, there were many replies with people trying out the potato salad serving method and adding variations of ingredients.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.