BT21, the super popular characters created by messaging app LINE and K-pop group BTS, keep coming back to Japan for more and more pop-up cafes, bringing with them new and original menu items every time.We’re already on to the 11th edition, and the theme this time around is ‘BT21 Minini’.

This time, rather than have one dish for each character, there’s a main and a dessert that can be customised.

The main is an adorable bento box which you can build by selecting your favourite characters and ingredients. First you can choose your rice character, which will add a colourful flair.

Then you can choose your ‘main’ part from meatballs, samgyeopsal, bulgogi, or cream salmon.

Another taste and colour can be added in the form of flavoured mash potato. Koya is garlic, RJ is cheese, Shooky is soy sauce butter, Mang is consomme, Chimmy is curry, Tata is tomato and Cooky is beets. You can even add more than one scoop for an extra 550 yen.

The dessert option is another customisable dish which lets you make up your own dessert plate. For the marshmallow parfait you can choose which character will be the crowning marshmallow.

The ice cream sandwich represents each character with a certain flavour. Koya and Mang are blue salt, RJ is yoghurt, Shooky is caramel, Chimmy is mango passionfruit sherbet, Tata is cassis sherbet, and Cooky is strawberry milk. You can also pay an extra 660 yen for more ice cream sandwiches.

Lastly, dessert lovers can add a croquembouche modelled after their favourite character.

There’s also plenty of pretty drinks on offer like the sparkly jelly squash and fruit tea.

Or hot drinks with cute latte art.

The takeout menu even includes a super cute drink in a bottle you can take home.

The exclusive character merchandise is themed around the ‘BT21 Minini’ concept, resulting in some extra cute items.

The cafe will be popping up in various Japanese cities at different periods.

Box Cafe&Space Omotesando (Tokyo) - 3rd March to 17th April

Box Cafe&Space Lumine Est Shinjuku (Tokyo) - 17th March to 24th April

Collabo_Index Lumine Yokohama (Yokohama) - 31st March to 24th April

Box Cafe&Space Nagoya Lachic 1 (Nagoya) - 31st March to 24th April

Box Cafe&Space Hep Five (Osaka) - 31st March to 24th April

More information and booking can be found on The BT21 Box Cafe website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.