If you want to get on top of the latest fashion here in Tokyo, it is no secret that Harajuku is the place to be. Namely, the Laforet shopping complex offers unique apparel and miscellaneous goods that fuel the ever-changing trends in fashion culture.
With Valentine’s Day having just passed, White Day just around the corner and Easter fast approaching, it seems those trends are currently revolving around all things chocolate.

Reflecting this is Laforet’s latest collaboration with Meiji Milk Chocolate, who happened to have celebrated their 95th anniversary last year. In recognition of this impressive number, and the anticipation of their centenary anniversary which will take place in 2026, the collection is Japan’s favourite chocolate brand’s largest yet, featuring more than 80 chocolate-inspired goods across 30 different stores in the building.

Each product in the lineup, whether it be apparel, toys, miscellaneous goods or food, have been put together by top-designers in the fashion culture industry who share a deep love for Meiji Milk Chocolate.

The collaborative event itself will last from the 12th of March until 3rd of February, though the pop-up store WIND AND SEA, which will debut for the first time in Laforet, will be present in the building for a maximum of just 10 days between the 12th and 22nd of March.
This pop-up store will focus on the sale of Meiji Milk Chocolate collaboration goods only, so if you’re looking for a quick introduction to the event this will be the shop to head to.

In addition to all the stores participating in the sales of collaborative items, the whole of the Laforet building will be decorated with chocolate-inspired themes, turning the building into a dream for real chocoholics.

Last up is a tip for true Meiji Milk Chocolate fans: available on a first-come-first-served basis, purchasers of collaboration items will be gifted a special limited edition packaged bar of chocolate.

Pre-orders for goods available during the campaign commence from today (18th February), and will last until the 11th of March, so if you want to grab your favourite Meiji Milk Chocolate collaboration goods before they sell out, now is the time to do it!
Those pre-orders can be placed here.

Meiji Milk Chocolate X Laforet Harajuku Collaboration Event

Dates: Saturday 12 March – Sunday 3 April 2022
Advance Reservation Period: Friday 18 February – Friday 11 March 2022
Participating stores:
5 Floor – Axes Femme / OLIVE des OLIVE / one after another NICE CLAUP / Ray Cassin
4 Floor – アキバ感電デンキ / Ank Rouge / Charles Chaton / Ciara / DOUBLE NAME / F i.n.t / Jamie エーエヌケー / jouetie / Kawaii☆Stars / merry jenny / Tnewties
2 Floor – Chipoon / Guzman y Gomez / Maison de FLEUR / MILK MILK MILK! / Liquem
B1 Floor – HARE / HEIHEI
B1.5 Floor ALICE and the PIRATES / Metamorphose HARAJUKU
1 Floor Pop-up space – WIND AND SEA

By - Connie Sceaphierde.