When it comes to stargazing and beautiful nighttime sky photography, Japan has some very choice locations. Hiro-no-Makiba Observatory in Iwate prefecture is often praised as the best place to take in starry nights in the country, and Achi Village in Nagano prefecture is also highly praised, being recognized by the Ministry of Environment.

Japanese photographer Araragi (@ALPINA_B5_) might have added in a new hot spot for those looking to get lost in the stars, as they've wowed Twitter with a stunning photo taken in Yamaguchi prefecture.

Araragi shared the photo with the caption "Did you know the starry sky in Yamaguchi prefecture is this pretty?", and it's clear that many had no idea!

Source: @ALPINA_B5_

The gorgeous photo shows a starry night sky that looks like a window into the greater universe over the coastline of the Seto Inland Sea, taken in eastern Yamaguchi prefecture. Many were dazzled and surprised by the beautiful scenery captured in the shot, leaving comments such as:

"I'm from Yamaguchi Prefecture, but I didn't know that the starry sky was so beautiful."

"The color of the sky, the atmosphere like the universe, it's wonderful!"

"It's so beautiful, it makes me want to go to Yamaguchi Prefecture."

Araragi added that "Yamaguchi Prefecture is one of the few places in Japan where there is little light pollution, and although it is not well known, it is a great place to photograph the starry sky."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.