Please be honest in answering this question: “Do you have any fan items of your favorite characters, VTubers or idols?”

The items must be really important and precious to you, so you probably treat them very carefully.

Dreams Inc., a Japanese company that sells various humorous items, has started selling a unique product that might just be perfect for you!

Your own small shrine for your oshi

The product name is Oshi o Matsuru Kamidana 推しを祀る神棚 (a miniature altar for your favorite person or character)!

Oshi 推し means your favorite anime or game character, idol, VTuber or other celebrities. The word comes from the verb osu 推す, which means to support and recommend someone. O matsuru を祀る means to enshrine or worship something. The last word, kamidana 神棚 consists of two kanji: 神 kami, meaning god(s) and 棚 dana (tana, with the initial consonant becoming voiced in the compound with kami), meaning shelf. In this case, the kanji 神 specifically refers to the gods of Shintoism. If you put the two kanji together, it literally means a shelf for gods! It's very common for Japanese people to have a small altar at home if they believe in Shintoism.

As the product’s name indicates, this item is inspired by kamidana culture, and you can see this in the picture above. How cute!

However, you don’t need to believe in Shintoism to use this cute kamidana. Please look carefully at the signs on both sides of the character in the picture. There is the kanji 尊 (found in the adjective 尊い tōtoi) which means precious, valuable, or sacred.

Yes, all you need to use this altar is your strong feelings for who you want to dedicate the shrine to. In other words, if you think your oshi is precious, you can use this item!

DIY time!

Now, let's say you want one for your oshi but you’re worried that it might be a bother to assemble. No problem. The structure is very simple. As you can see in the image below, there are only four sheets of cardboard in the package.

Just separate each part from the sheet and assemble it! The dimensions are W 136 × H 140 × D 67 mm. They say that it takes only 20 mins!

Once you “build” your own oshi altar, put an item like a key chain, acrylic stand or trading card in the middle.

Color variations

The product comes in eight colors: red, blue, green, yellow, pink, purple, orange, and white. This is great because many characters in anime and games as well as idol group members often have a representative color. The eight colors here are very commonly used, so there is a good chance you can find one in the right color for your oshi.

All colors are the same price: 1,650 JPY, including tax.

Express your love for your oshiwith this cute and colorful mini shrine!


By - Mochijapa (Ayano Irizuki).

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