Valentine's Day can lead to some very interesting chocolate creations, including adorably buff bodybuilder bears and face-sized chocolate fried chicken, but Japanese mother Yuka (@yukaaa.o31) was tasked by her son with making chocolates inspired by legendary anime and manga, Dragon Ball.

For Valentine's Day, Yuka bakes and serves up chocolate treats for her five children, but this year her 11-year-old son had a very specific request--"Make me a character from Dragon Ball!"

Well, Yuka did just that and more. The artistic mother whipped up a special batch of Valentine's Day chocolates recreating one of the most iconic scenes in Dragon Ball lore--the death of Yamcha in an epic chocolate masterpiece!

Source: @yukaaa.o31

Anime fans will recognize the scene recreated in chocolate form is Yamcha's Death Pose, a scene and shot so iconic it's even become a meme for failure. Yuka made Yamcha (rendered into a corpse by the self-destructive Saibamen Bomb) and the center crater out of chocolate, and the surrounding area bread detailed with a chocolate pen.

Yuka says that her son was very surprised to receive having the famous scene recreated as chocolate when he simply asked for a character. Now that he knows Yuka's level of skill, he may be thinking of requesting an even bigger scene next year!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.