Japanese quirky and cute goods retailer Felissimo’s Nekobu (Cat Club) cafe and Akihabra Nagomido cafe are teaming up, and opening a new cafe called Nekobu Parlour for a limited time from February 18th to March 20th. It is a cat themed cafe filled with Nekobu related menu and adorable goods, and welcomes you with both counter tables and group tables to take in a feline-themed cafe experience.

There are a variety of food and dessert menu items to choose from, mostly inspired by the cat motif that Felissimo’s Nekobu is known for. The souvenir section is filled with unique and adorable cat goods and items that have been popular sellers for them before as well.

Tuna stake combo (1,200 yen)

Cat mini parfait (700 yen)

Cat Tiramisu ( 800 yen)

Felissimo’s available cat-themed goods and souvenirs.

Period: February 18, 2022 to March 20th 2022

Kitchen Hours: 11 am to 8 pm (Food L.O. 7 pm, Drink L.O. at 7:30 pm)

Address: Sakai Building B1, 6-14-2 Sotokanda Chiyoda district Tokyo, 101-0021


One percent of the proceeds will go to Felissimo’s dog and cat’s rescuing funding initiative.

By - Mugi.